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21/10/2011 - 11/12/2011 Time : 18:30

Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Kurdistan.  A mighty arc of wars and struggle, fears, tragedies and joys, streching back through the centuries.  We shall represend this historical panorama by presenting an intensely personal "musical biography" of the members of our band.


Three powerful women singers taking us across frontiers, through historical barriers, and right into the inner recesses of the heart.


Vasiliki Anastasiou - vocals

Olcay Bayir - vocals

Suna -vocals

Nigel Fonseca - guitar

Peyman Heydarian - santur

Hamid Sag - saz


and special guests

Ed Emery - presenter and narrator


21 October - Peterhouse Cambridge

28 October - Arcola Theatre / London

18 November - St. Ethelburga / London

27 November - Oxford 


Ticket prices might vary according to the venue: (£12  cons.: £10)

BOOKINGS: please note that all places should be reserved in advance by sending an e-mail stating numbers of places required to

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