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"The Amalgamation Project"

1. The act of amalgamating or the condition resulting from this act.
2. A consolidation or merger, as of several corporations.
3. A cocktail of musical influences, traditions, experiences, colours and sounds, creating a cross-cultural bridge connecting the ancient with the modern.

This is a personal project that involves original music composed usually by myself or with collaborations. (also re-arranged music)  Amalgamation is a concept that fascinates me, enabling me to lure in any musical influence I desire and create my own sound-scape or I sometimes call it, “Sound (E)scape”.  The atmosphere on stage usually passes through eastern modes and free improvisation mixed with funky bass lines and African rhythms...drawing in sounds from around the globe with no physical boundaries, politics or borders outside of time and space, connecting the natural flow of ancient traditions with the more complex tastes of today's contemporary music world.

you can order the first cd of The Amalgamation Project by sending an email here: 

"Shortcut to Heaven"

This is a function cover band, that performs pop-funk-rock tunes from The Police, Michael Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, Pink Floyd, U2, Alanis Morissette, Skunk Anansie, The Cranberries, The Beatles etc, usually re-arranged by the band.

Rebetiko / Greek Folk music


Session work 

By studying miscellaneous styles at Vocal Tech Music School I can perform in different popular styles. Contact me for more information.

Backing Vocals

-Sight reading 

- Harmonies on the spot
















































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