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"Your voice is your body".

I am an energetic and motivated person that has interest in healthy way of living and in positive way of thinking. Loving your voice is the first step to understanding the way it works. It is vital as a singer to be aware of your instrument and body, to be comfortable with the way it sounds, to take care of it; it is important to understand that the voice might work perfect one day and then need hard work to get into shape the next.

When I teach, I try to teach the singers how to be their own best teacher exactly how I was taught by great teachers in the past.

Who would benefit from coaching?

-A professional singer that has specific issues that needs to work on or simply to get back into shape
-An inexperienced singer that wants to start from scratch
-Anyone who would like to learn how to sing as a hobby or professionally.

We will work on:

-Contemporary Vocal Technique (posture/placement)
-Breathing Technique
-Ear training
-Sight reading
-Basic piano skills
-Basic harmony knowledge
-Choir / Backing Vocals / Blending
-Performance / Stage Presence / Mic Technique
- Miscellaneous Styles / Repertoire building/ Stylistic features (depends on the requirements of the student)
-Relaxation techniques for performance anxiety
-Warm up and cool down exercises

-Currently working with the Greek Parents Association Youth Choir in collaboration with KITE music.

-Teaching the amateur choir of Arachne Greek-Cypiot womens group in collaboration with KITE music.

-Worked at Grange Primary School (London) for 6 weeks as part of an Education Workshop (Thames Valley University) teaching children of year 5 as part of a group of 6 organising group games and teaching songs.

Seminars attended:

- Balkan Polyphonic singing workshop with Martha Mavroidi /Greece 25-31/08 2010

- BVA (British Voice Association) 3 day conference CHOICE FOR VOICE 2010 – Multidisciplinary approaches to performance, health and research in voice (15, 16, 17/07/2010) / London

- Therapies and Relaxation Techniques for the Performing Artist by the International Society for Study of Tension in Performance (ISSTIP)/London 29/11/2009

- Interactive Rock and Pop Day for singers, Teachers and Therapists by British Voice Association (BVA) 27/09/2009 / London












































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