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I have recently finished my Masters in Music Performance with a distinction graduating from London College of Music (2010) where I had the opportunity to have regular one to one lessons with one of the top London/UK session singers and vocal coaches Kim Chandler.  Through London College of Music I have also been awarded with the Worshipful Company of Musicians Silver Medal, one of the world’s oldest musical organisations. (2010)
I 've been living, studying, performing  and working in London since 2006 when I first came to do my Bachelor in Popular Music Performance (Vocals) [Tech Music Schools] – Thames Valley University which I finished with a First (2006-2009) and where I had the oppurtunity to have lessons with Ian Mackenzie.

Further Music education involved classical piano training from the age of 5, taking my Grade 8 exam, years later, at Trinity College of London Examination board (Cyprus branch), receiving a Distinction in Solo Piano Performance combined with many music theory and harmony lessons and various seminars and workshops through the years.

Born in a small Mediterranean  island, Cyprus, on the last breath of the summer in 1986, I (Vicky or Vasiliki) grew up with the sound of the sea and my fathers'(Stavros) Greek- folk bouzouki playing and songs until the break of dawn, allowing time for those sound-colours to be forever integrated in my musical DNA and affect inevitably my musical life and whole perception. I still perform by his side -he is my greatest teacher of all - at our family tavern in Limassol/Cyprus Mousiki Kivotos.  In Cyprus I also had the oppurtunity to grow a love for jazz by performing occasionaly alongside Ireneos Koulouras, George Koulas, George Krasidis, Rodos Panayiotou, Savvas Houvartas, Andreas Rodosthenous and many other great cypriot musicians that nurtured my passion for music. 

  I have been exposed to various genres of music from an early age - like many musicians of my generation, because of the technology- and as a performer I adapt easily into a role (as actors do I guess ) which of course has to somehow fit to a part of my personality.  I enjoy performing in different styles of music (which I try and study to bring out their special stylistic features) and I also enjoy blending them together into my own compositions, which is a rule-free enviroment.

I have just released my first cd called the Amalgamation Project which features 3 original compositions and on re-arranged traditional song. 

you can check the website of my Amalgamation project here and order the ep                                                                                                                                                                  here:




London: at the famous Shepherds Bush Empire, Arts Depot, Cockpit theatre, Green Note, Ekon Festival at Theatro Technis, the new European House representing Cyprus, the British Museum, the Hellenic Centre, the St.Ethelburgas centre, at the Brunei Gallery and the Khalili Theatre (SOAS university), at the Institute of Education and various music clubs

Oxford: the Holywell Music Room 

Cambridge: the Peterhouse Theatre, Winstanley Theatre, Cambridge May ball 

ITALY / Padova:4th International River Film Festival 2010, 5th International River festival 2011 

CYPRUS: appeared on National TV of Cyprus (Entechnos, Kiprion nostos) performed at the 2014 LOOP FESTIVAL, performed at the 12th Paradise JAzz Festival with the Kafeney band, at the World Music Day Festivals 2008 and 2010 in Paphos, "Stand up" Peace festival, Dogstock Festival with Savvas Houvartas, at the Kafeney, Polichoros, 7 Seas Music Club,Tepee Rock Bar, Timothys art bar, Friends Rock Bar, Rolling Stones Rock Bar... the song Καλ τα-ξδια (which I composed the music for and performed) is being played by radio Kanali-6

GREECE: Athens Rythmos Stage, Hydra Rebetiko Conference 2010, 30th World Conference of Music Education Thessaloniki 2012

TURKEY /Istanbul: Oyun Atolyesi, Ferikoy Sanat ve kultur Sevenler Dernegi (Ertho Theatre),  

Tiyatro Seyr-i Mesel Sanat Atolyesi

QATAR: Katara Cultural Village

HONG KONG: Asia Society



Radio shows:     Karavani (ASTRA) treno fantasma (KANALI 6) , Globalmix tape (CROYDON RADIO) ,    A world in London with dj Ritu(SOAS radio) 


I am very interested in the different ways of playing music around the world.  I have a great interest in ethnomusicology and am thinking of continuing my research in that field. By having a folk music background I incorporate the stylistic features into my own music, combining Byzantine music, Smirneiko song, (song for Smyrna), Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul in a melting pot that I call "amalgamation" of cultures and musics. For THE AMALGAMATION PROJECT website click HERE 









































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